RESTAR receives award as one of the “20 Most Promising Japanese Tech Companies” from IT Magazine ‘CIOReview APAC’

In December 2023, RESTAR Inc. received the “20 Most Promising Japanese Tech Companies” award from the prestigious IT magazine “CIOReview APAC” in the Asia-Pacific region. An interview article (available in English and Japanese) about our real estate and geographical information management and analysis platform, “REMETIS,” was featured in a special section of “CIOReview APAC.”

■ About CIOReview
“CIOReview” is a well-respected IT magazine in the United States, trusted by executives, industry professionals, and IT buyers. “CIOReview APAC” is its Asia-Pacific edition, specializing in disseminating diverse IT-related information in the Asia-Pacific region.

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■ CIOReview Award Selection Process
In the first stage of the selection process, senior-level decision-makers and C-suite executives who are subscribers to CIOReview recommended “Japanese technology companies they would recommend to their peers.”

Next, CIOReview’s market research team collected detailed information about these recommended companies from various sources, including company websites, industry news, market reports, events, and conferences. This conducted the primary selection process.

Finally, the data received from CIOReview’s subscribers and the market research team underwent further evaluation by CIOReview’s panelists, which included senior technology decision-makers and members of the editorial board. The panelists compared various factors such as core competencies, unique solutions, industry news, and more to narrow down the list of companies.

As a result of this selection process, RESTAR was chosen.

Notably, RESTAR’s integrated data platform, “REMETIS,” which enhances the efficiency of commercial real estate operations, received high praise from CIO Review panelists.

■ Interview Article by CIOReview APAC
You can read the interview article about our company at the following link:
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