from the CEO

REMETIS was inspired and developed from side work I once did while working on the real estate investment team of a foreign investment fund, aiming to improve and streamline daily operations.

At the time, there was no comprehensive medium to compile the many materials needed for real estate investment analysis in Japan, and information sources ranged from multiple websites to paper-based documents, making it extremely difficult to collect and consolidate information.
It was also impossible to systematically obtain demographic statistics, information on government filings, corporate press releases, and other information that could be useful in the context of real estate investment.

On the other hand, in the financial industry, where investment decisions are based on vast amounts of information, such as in fixed income, equity investments, and M&A, multiple data services (e.g., Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Capital IW, Speeda...) are competing with each other. ) were competing with each other, which was very different from the real estate industry.

Under these circumstances, REMETIS began as a weekend activity to compile useful information for real estate investment and create a database for myself in order to streamline my weekday work.

Then, I hit it off with another founding member, an engineer who was in graduate school at the time, and what was simply a personal data collection activity gradually took shape into a business.

We then conceived of a platform that would not be a simple database, but rather a new "industry standard" that would consolidate the information and functions necessary for real estate transactions.
We believed that this would not only improve the efficiency of information gathering and documentation related to real estate investment and financing, but also promote the discovery of new and creative investment perspectives by allowing companies to spend more time on useful analytical activities. This is REMETIS, and it has led us to our current VISION.

Today, we continue to push forward with our business, believing that it is a business of great social significance that will revitalize the real estate transaction market and lead to further effective utilization of the finite land of the earth.
Representative Director, CEO: Hibiki Uno

Our Vision,
Mission, Values

  • Vision

    Aiming for a society where real estate transactions are actively conducted

  • Mission

    Data-driven to enable rapid investment decision making

  • Values

    • Respect for opinions that differ from one's own
    • Communicate proactively and objectively
    • Learn from mistakes and continuously improve
    • Enjoy change
    • Pursue sustainable development

Company Details

Company name: RESTAR Inc.

Established: October 2016

Head Office:
SPROUND, Shinagawa Intercity Tower A 22F, Konan 2-15-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6022, Japan

Representative Director, CEO:
Hibiki Uno

Director, CTO:
Masashi Yokota

Business description:
Construction of information platform services, etc.


Head Office:
SPROUND, Shinagawa Intercity Tower A 22F, Konan 2-15-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6022, Japan

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