Our RESTAR CEO, Hibiki Uno will give a presentation at NIKKEI Real Estate Summit 2024, hosted by Nikkei Inc.

We are pleased to announce that our CEO, Hibili Uno, will be speaking at the “NIKKEI PropTech Conference,” a session within the “NIKKEI Real Estate Summit 2024,” scheduled for Friday, February 16, 2024, in a hybrid format combining both in-person and online venues.

What is NIKKEI Real Estate Summit 2024?

Despite challenges such as Japan’s decreasing population, rising interest rates, and comparatively slow wage growth against other countries, the real estate market remains robust and very active. Real estate development is not only active in Tokyo’s city center but also across the whole nation. The COVID-19 pandemic has led us to reevaluate the importance of gathering, living, and working spaces, highlighting their crucial role in our society. The real estate industry, underpinning economic activities, forms a significant market for both individuals and corporations, involving numerous stakeholders. Its importance in Japan’s economy is evident.

On the other hand, the industry currently faces various challenges: including the new usage trends for offices and housing, the ongoing boom of inbound global investment, the response to SDGs and carbon neutrality, the new implementation of growth strategies for regional cities, and the plans to address social issues by using real estate digital transformation (DX) and PropTech.

The NIKKEI Real Estate Summit is a real estate forum hosted by Nikkei Inc., where prominent figures from government, academia, and the industry will discuss and share insights on these themes, industry trends, challenges, and future prospects.

What is NIKKEI PropTechConference?

The NIKKEI PropTechConference is a session within the NIKKEI Real Estate Summit 2024.

PropTech, short for Property Technology or Real Estate Technology, refers to products and services offering new solutions to real estate business challenges and customer needs, utilizing ICT (Information and Communication Technology). PropTech has garnered attention in the United States with the rise of thousands of startups and has gained momentum in Japan with the establishment of associations, development of numerous services, and increasing adoption by companies.

PropTech integrates IT with various real estate businesses and operations, in this way promoting the healthy growth of the real estate industry and enhancing user convenience through new approaches. This conference will showcase the potential of PropTech providers and companies that have embraced these changes, offering new proposals involving both corporate and individual users.

Webinar Overview (Scheduled)

Name: NIKKEI PropTechConference (Within NIKKEI Real Estate Summit 2024)
Organizer: Nikkei Inc.
Date and Time: February 16, 2024 (Friday), 9:30-11:45 AM (Our CEO Uno is scheduled to speak from 10:10-10:40 AM)
Venue: Ochanomizu Solacity Hall (East) ※Also available online
Fee: Free
How to Participate:
Please register for attending the NIKKEI PropTechConference either in-person or online by clicking on “お申し込みはこちら” located at the top right of the event information page linked below.
Event Information Page: https://adweb.nikkei.co.jp/realestate2024/


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